Sean Collins

Ruby Contractor

I am a professional web developer who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.

I use Ruby on Rails to quickly build robust and intuitive web applications.

I make websites that look great on computers, phones and tablets.

I use proven techniques to architect flexible systems.


You have a Ruby on Rails application that needs:

  • to be updated, or
  • to be maintained, or
  • to have new features added.

You're an entreprenuer looking to validate your idea:

  • quickly, and
  • professionally, and
  • without spending too much money.

Let's work together to build something useful.

I'm happy to meet with anyone, to talk about their ideas.
It'd be great to work together, but if that doesn't work out, that's okay too!

We can meet over coffee if you live in the Denver‒Boulder area.
Or we can meet via video chat if you live elsewhere.

Let's get started.

How can I help you?